Bell & Howell Automatic Cine Camera Filmo Model 75, Made In The 1920s.

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Bell & Howell Automatic Cine Camera Filmo Model 75 with Solid Hand Strap. Inscriptions 'Made In The USA, Chicago', 'Automatic One-Camera', and 'Filmo Registered' Under The Front Lens, 1920s. 


Bell and Howell had expanded into the amateur movie market in 1919 when the company began developing 17.5mm equipment. In 1921 McNabb and Howell were invited to Rochester, New York, by George Eastman of Eastman Kodak to observe experiments using 16mm reversal material. McNabb and Howell were impressed with the results and redesigned all the company’s 17.5mm equipment to use the 16mm film. In 1923 Bell and Howell manufactured the first spring-driven 16mm camera, beating Eastman Kodak by two years. The demand for this camera was so great that, even at a price of $175, it was on backorder until 1930. Over the next 20 years, almost two-thirds of all company developments were in the amateur field, and Bell and Howell equipment became prized for its lifetime guarantees.

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Width: 2"  Height: 9 1/4"  Depth: 5 1/4"  Weight: 1.670 kg

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