Tlingit Native Canadian Hand Woven Berry Basket, 19th Century.

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Tlingit Native Canadian Hand Woven Berry Basket, 19th Century.


The Tlingit Natives are original people of the Pacific Northwest Coast. They live in southeastern Alaska and in British Columbia and the Yukon in Canada.

The food that the Tlingit tribe ate included their staple diet of fish supplemented by Wapato (Native Potato) greens, seeds and berries. The women also pressed the rich oil from the Eulachon (Candlefish) and used large amounts of this oil as a dip for their food.

The Tlingit are expert carvers and use the wood, especially red cedar, that is so plentiful in their native habitat extensively in their arts and crafts, especially for storage boxes, dishes, and ceremonial masks. They make excellent baskets, some of which are so tightly woven as to be waterproof, and also weave fine blankets of dog hair and mountain goat wool. They are experts at finishing their wooden artefacts with inlays of bone, copper, and shells, which are found in abundance everywhere at the water's edge. All Tlingit crafts are highly ornamented with elaborate and beautiful designs. 

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Width: 17"  Height: 4"  Depth: 17"  Weight: 100 g

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