Tang Horse Saddled, Hand Carved From One Solid Piece of Jade, Chinese.

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Tang Horse Saddled, Hand Carved From One Solid Piece Of Jade, Chinese.


The Tang dynasty (618 CE - 907 CE) is regarded by historians as the most prosperous time of Chinese civilization. Flourishing with art and literature, this dynasty was a time of great growth both intellectually and financially. One could not explore the Tang dynasty accurately without recognizing the legendary emperors of its time. Li Yuan (556 CE - 635 CE) was a member of a northern aristocratic family who had a long history of government service. He was the initiator in restoring order once again to China and establishing the Tang dynasty. Gaozu (618 CE - 626 CE) was the dynasty's first ruler. He successfully established political, economic, and military institutions that were the standard for the entire Tang reign.

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Width: 9 1/2"  Height: 6 3/8"  Depth: 3"  Weight: 1.865 kg

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