Manual Coffee Grinder with Scoop.

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Manual Coffee Grinder, with Scoop.


In 1798, the first U.S. patent for a coffee grinder was issued to Thomas Bruff of Maryland, who was Thomas Jefferson’s dentist. His wall-mounted device ground beans between metal nuts with coarse and fine teeth. In 1828, Charles Parker of Meriden, Connecticut, manufactured on contract mills that improved on existing coffee mills. Lewis A. Osborn distributed the first packaged ground coffee in New York around 1860. In 1870, John Gulick Baker of Philadelphia patented his Champion #1, which became the most widely used grinder in grocery stores.

Item Code - KIT8D71CREA

Scoop - Width: 1"  Height: 4"  Depth: 1/2"  

Grinder with Scoop - Width: 10"  Height: 9"  Depth: 7"  Total Weight: 1.403 kg

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