Toy Harley Davidson Police Motorcycle, Early Cast Iron.

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Toy Harley Davidson Police Motorcycle, Early Cast Iron.


The toy manufacturing between the late 1890s and the 1950s went through several changes. The main change would be in how the toys were made. Early on (1890-1935), the toys were mostly made by the cast iron process. The cast iron process involves melting iron along with some other metals. It's then poured into a mould (cast), allowed to cool, and then the cooled part is separated from the mould. The earlier models were made in 2 parts, a left and right. The parts are then aligned together, and a heavy-duty steel pin is pushed through the 2 parts via holes. Each end is then carefully hammered tightly to have the 2 parts joined together.

Item Code - TOY3C109OAC

Width: 4 1/8"  Height: 2 5/8"  Depth: 1 3/4"  Weight: 273 g

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