Black and White Sepia Portrait Of a Baby.

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Black and White Sepia Portrait Of a Baby.


Sepia began in earnest in the 1880s, partially to make photographs look better, but also because the chemicals involved in Sepia aided in slowing down the ageing of a photograph. A preservative of sorts.

Sepia toning is a specialized treatment to give a black-and-white photographic print a warmer tone and to enhance its archival qualities. The metallic silver in the print is converted to a sulfide compound, which is much more resistant to the effects of environmental pollutants such as atmospheric sulfur compounds.

Sepia gets its name from the Sepia cuttlefish, Ink from the fish was used to create the brown dye used to alter the tone of Sepia images.

Item Code - VIS12E57A19REA

Width: 5 1/8"  Height: 8 1/4"  Depth: 1/8" Weight: 31 g

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