Japanese Buddhism Fudomyoo Noh Kabuki Mask, Carved By Hand, Glass Eyes

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Decorative Japanese Buddhism Fudomyoo Noh Kabuki Mask, Carved By Hand, Glass Eyes, Unique and Old What An Expression.


Buddhism a widespread Asian religion or philosophy, founded by Siddartha Gautama in northeastern India in the 5th century BC.

Fudo Myoo (the Immovable One) is one of the powerful deities known as the Five Bright Kings in Japanese Buddhism and folk religion. As a manifestation of the central cosmic Buddha Mahavairochana (Japanese: Dainichi), Fudo is believed to protect Buddhism and its true adherents.

Kabuki and Noh theatre are the earliest types of traditional Japanese theatre. Kabuki drama incorporates singing, dancing, and wearing costumes. Noh drama involves song and dance, as well as the wearing of traditional masks and chanting.

Item Code - WOO6E199HAE

Width: 7 1/4"  Height: 13 1/4"  Depth: 3 1/4"  Weight: 1.279 kg

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