1812-2 Kopek Coin, Russia, Imperial Eagle Wreath Date Value, Initials.

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1812-2 Kopek EM-HM Coin Russia. Crowned Double Imperial Eagle, Initials and Date Below, HM 1812, Reverse Side Wreath, Value Of Coin Within Wreath, Below Value, The Initials EM. 


This copper 2 Kopek coin was struck in a year of great significance to the Russians, as it was the year in which Napoleon's attempt to conquer Russia (Campagne de Russie) and was utterly defeated and he was forced to retreat from Moscow with the loss of most of his soldiers. He had underestimated the infrastructure of the poor Russian roads and farming land which was unable to support the large numbers of French soldiers foraging for food on it. After the French army was decimated by famine and disease, they retreated from Russia with the last surviving French soldiers leaving Russia on the 14th of December 1812.

The great Russian composer Tchaikovsky later wrote the 1812 Overture to commemorate Russia's victory over the invading Napoleanic army.

Alexander The First was The Emperor Of Russia Between 1801 and 1825. He was The Eldest Son Of Paul I and Sophie Dorothea Of Württemberg. Alexander was The First King Of Congress Poland, Reigning From 1815 To 1825, as well as The First Russian Grand Duke Of Finland, Reigning From 1809 To 1825.

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Width: 1"  Height: 1 1/8"  Depth: 1/16"  Weight: 17 g

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