40th Olympics, Film Makers Badge, Berlin Germany, Enameled, 1936.

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40th Olympics, Film Makers Badge, Berlin Germany, Enameled, 1936, Back Of Badge Embossed, ROB.NEFF BERLIN.W75.


On August 1, 1936, Hitler opened the XLTH Olympiad. Musical fanfares directed by the famous composer Richard Strauss announced the dictator's arrival to the largely German crowd. Hundreds of athletes in opening day regalia marched into the stadium, team by team in alphabetical order. Inaugurating a new Olympic ritual, a lone runner arrived bearing a torch carried by relay from the site of the ancient Games in Olympia, Greece.

Forty-nine athletic teams from around the world competed in the Berlin Olympics, more than in any previous Olympics. Germany fielded the largest team with 348 athletes. The US team was the second largest, with 312 members, including 18 African Americans. American Olympic Committee President Avery Brundage led the delegation. The Soviet Union did not participate in the Berlin Games (or any Olympics until the 1952 Helsinki Games when many politicians, journalists, and competitors regarded the Olympics as an important battle in the Cold War).

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Width: 1 1/2"  Height: 1 1/2"  Depth: 5/16"  Weight: 16 g

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