Wooden Clamp Vise, Two Handles, Shaped Like Needle Nose Pliers.

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Adjustable Wooden Clamp Vise, Two Handles, Shaped Like Needle Nose Pliers.


Egyptian tombs provide the first illustrations of clamping devices and techniques, applied to glue boards by their edges. The boards would be held vertical by two uprights, and weighted down, until the glue set.

For more oomph, the boards might be placed horizontal and wedged between an upright and a wall. The wedging action might come from bent sticks, or from opposed inclined planes.

The boards could also be bound with a cord. By inserting a stout stick into the cord and twisting, significant additional holding power could be gained in little space.

All these techniques are useful and versatile and have continued to the present. In fact, almost everyone has used the twisted cord technique when repairing chairs, glueing up stringers between chair legs.

Item Code - TOO8C1945CAC

Width: 14 1/2"  Height: 8"  Depth: 1 1/2"  Weight: 838 g

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