African Cuff Bracelet, Three Bells, Heavy Copper Bronze, Cast In Wax.

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African Cuff Bracelet with Three Bells, 1 Bell Missing Ball, Heavy Copper Bronze, Cast Using The Lost-Wax Technique, Used In Tribes From Ghana and Burkina Faso and Others.


African dance most often refers to traditional social dance, and to ceremonial or religious dance, danced communal religious observances led either by priests or griots who perform ritual dance-dramas that share cultural traditions or community history through metaphorical statements expressed in music and dance.

African dances are performed in lines or circles of dancers. The body is used asymmetrically. All parts of the body articulated in African dance, arms, legs, and torso all appearing angular, bent, the body slightly forward. Shoulder and hip movements are notable. Feet are flattened against the ground in a wide stance. Steps include scuffing, stamping, jumping and hopping steps. African dance is often said to be “earth-centred,” even in jumping styles, (such as the Tutsi of Rwanda,) the orientation is towards the earth.

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Width: 5 1/2"  Height: 3 1/2"  Depth: 1 1/2"  Weight: 200 g

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