Apothecary Clear Glass Bottle Container, Used For Crude Drugs, 1800's.

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Apothecary Clear Glass Bottle Container, Used For Crude Drugs, No Label. The Inscription On The Bottom Of Bottle Reads, "MD Warren Glass Works, New York & Cumberland," 1800s.


The glass industry of Cumberland, Maryland is the best-kept secret in the glass collecting world. With nothing being mentioned in any of the vast numbers of books on glass and collecting glass, maybe this site will help spread the word about some of the fine collectible glass made in Cumberland, MD. The industry started in 1880 with a bottle factory known as Warren Glass Co. There were eventually over 30 different companies. Some just made glass, some made and decorated glass, while still others only decorated the glass. In 1920, there were over 1000 people working in the Cumberland area glass industry. This suggests that the industry was not a small fly-by-night, single product, industry. The products were: stemware, hotel and barware, and depression pressed glass, decorated by stone cutting, acid etching, plate etching, enamelling, gold coating, and in many colours.

There were sticker labels on a few of the items made in Cumberland, but not enough remained to present the story of glass products. The lack of identification and the lack of catalogues makes this task quite daunting. Additionally, there were no local retail outlets for the companies except for Queen Glass Co.

Item Code - GLA5A10108LGA 

Width: 3 3/8"  Height: 9 7/8"  Depth: 3 3/8"  Weight: 455 g

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