Art Deco Lucite Empire Hand Held Mirror, Lime Green, Goddess Scene.

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Art Deco Lucite Empire Vanity Hand Held Mirror, Lime Green, Greek Goddess Scene, Border and Clothing Gold.


The mirror has been in existence almost as long as humankind.

By legend, the first mirror was formed in the ancient Himalayas when a little brook tarried to rest itself as if to ponder and reflect upon its course. Thereby, in time, the first woman walked and looking down into the pool was surprised by­ another girl! which she slowly came to understand as a reflection of herself.

Glass mirrors not only revolutionized how we see ourselves and how we magnify light, but it is also how artists see and depict the world. The mirror is cited as critical to the discovery of linear perspective making what is flat (a painting) appear to be in relief (real life).

Item Code - JEW7E637HAE

Width: 5 5/16"  Height: 15"  Depth: 1/4"  Weight: 419 g

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