Aseda Swedish Crystal Decanter, 12 Dimples, Gently Ruffled Lip, 1960's.

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Aseda Swedish Crystal Decanter Designed By Bo Borgstrom In The 1960s. This Heavily Dimpled Crystal Decanter Is In Excellent Condition. It Is Crystal Clear and Quite Heavy, Weighing In at Just Over 4 Pounds. There Is a Total Of 12 Dimples Around The Decanter and There Is an Indent To The Otherwise Flat Base. The Stopper and The Gently Ruffled Neck Of The Decanter Have Been Ground To a Perfect Fit. The Dimples Create The illusion Of Melting Or Bubbly Liquid Glass. Visually It Looks Remarkably Soft and Malleable For Such a Solid Heavy Piece. It Is Stunning.


Aseda glassworks produced a variety of coloured highly recognizable glass designs. Its glass is usually unsigned and only has a sticker. The sticker is often mistakenly read as “Seda” because the “A” from Aseda is stylized as glassblower’s tools. This piece does not have its sticker. The designs of Aseda characterize themselves by their unusual shapes and vases often have a heavy, almost paperweight like base. The main designer who is responsible for these odd designs at Aseda was Bo Borgstrom, who joined Aseda in 1955. Krona-Bruken AB bought Aseda in 1974. They also owned three other glassworks: Maleras, Gullaskruf, Skruf, and Björkshult. When Krona-Bruken AB went bankrupt in 1977, Aseda ceased production. 

Item Code - GLA10A436HAB

Width: 4 3/8"  Height: 9 1/4"  Depth: 4 3/8"  Weight: 1.543 kg

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