Babbitt Ingots, Two, Metal, Marked United American Metals.

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Babbitt Ingots, Two, Metal, Marked United American Metals, Embossed with a Native American Chief.


United American Metals Corporation was founded in 1889 by the Muscat Family in Brooklyn, N.Y. Originally, the company specialized in lead-based metals to make type for the printing industry.

During the Second World War, the primary focus switched from lead type to Babbitt for the Marine industry and the general trade as part of the war effort. During this time, a new plant was opened in Tyler, Texas plant. The highest priority for use of scarce materials such as Tin and Antimony was given UAM by the War Production Board.

After WWII, the company expanded its product line to many other types of speciality metals but still makes several babbitt metals to this day. An Ingot is a piece of material, usually metal, that is cast into a shape suitable for further processing.

Item Code - BRO7D558PAN

Width: 1 7/8"  [Each]  Height: 1/2"  [Each]  Depth: 1 7/8"  [Each]

Total Weight: 340 g

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