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Baguette-Cut Ruby Gemstone, India.

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Baguette-Cut Ruby Gemstone, India.


What are Rubie's Made Of? Rubie's are Made From Sapphire, Which Is Available In Golden, White, Black, Or an Orange-Looking Pink. The Naturally Formed Crystal From Sapphire Is a Three-Sided Prism. Other Varieties Of Sapphire are Formed From Rutile, Which Is Ore From Titanium. Intrusions Cause a Shape That Is Similar To a Six-Point Star To Create The Star Sapphire. The Six-Point Effect Is Called Asterism, Which Is Not as Pure as The Natural Sapphire. Every Colour That Is Used In The Translucent Form Of Corundum Results In The Formation Of Sapphire. If The Chromium and Corundum are Measured In The Correct Quantities Then It Becomes a Ruby. The Rubie's That Have Full, Red Colours and Just a Hint Of Blue is The One That Is Considered To Be Most Precious. Myanmar, Or Burma, Is Known For Mining The Finest Rubie's and The Name, Burmese Rubie's were Derived From That Mining activity. Most Rubie's are Flawed, But Those That Have No Flaws are Very Rare and are Priced Higher Than Diamonds Which Have The Same Weight Or Quality.

Item Code - GEM11C50WUAF

Width: 1 1/2"  Height: 1 5/8"  Depth: 7/8"  Carats: 480  Weight: 82 g

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