Belt Buckle, Made By H. Bryant, 1990, Missouri, Forest Scene & Deer.

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Belt Buckle, Made By H. Bryant Inc, 1990, Frederick, Maryland, U.S.A, Missouri, Forest Scene, Deer Leaping Over a Log.


Buckles made by H. Bryant Inc., based in Frederick, Maryland, are collectible and often commemorate various themes. 

  1. Mississippi Farmer Commemorative Belt Buckle: This limited-edition buckle features a design honouring Mississippi farmers. Showcases the craftsmanship of H. Bryant Inc. 

  2. 1987 Hardware Store Pewter Belt Buckle: Another creation by H. Bryant Inc., this belt buckle was part of a commemorative edition of 10,000 pieces.

  3. 1990 Missouri Pewter Belt Buckle: Another creation by H. Bryant Inc., 

These buckles serve as both functional accessories and collectible pieces, reflecting the artistry and craftsmanship of H. Bryant Inc. If you’re interested in unique and historical belt buckles, these are worth exploring! 

Item Code - JEW1C2530L3BAA

Width: 3 1/8''  Height: 2 3/8''  Depth: 5/8''  Weight: 172 g

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