Black & White Portrait Of Two Young Woman, Edna age 17, Ruth age 20.

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Black and White Portrait Of Two Young Woman, Inscription Back Of Card Reads, Nola, Edna age 17, Ruth age 20.


In the early days of the medium, taking a black-and-white photograph was nothing more than a technical decision. The very first photographs were taken using a device known as a camera obscura, which could not capture colour on its own. And, even though the first colour image was made as early as 1861, the appearance of this colour did not have the same quality as the color had in reality, and many photographers chose to continue the process of photographing in black and white. It was not until the mid-1900s that colour photography caught up in convenience and realism to black and white photography. Consequently, many of the most influential early photographs were taken in black and white, not to symbolize anything in particular, but simply because the tools made this aesthetic most viable to photographers of the time.

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Width: 5"  Height: 11 1/8"  Depth: 1/16"  Weight: 47 g

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