Black and White Sepia Portrait Of a Woman.

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Black and White Sepia Portrait Of a Woman.


An Added Tidbit

You are used to seeing the world in colour, and nothing is wrong with that view. Sometimes this contributes to other elements or details being lost or taken for granted. Some of the elements required for a great photo include contrast, texture, lighting, shape, and form.

When you shoot for black and white, you challenge yourself to remove the distraction of colour. These include colour casts and differences in colour temperature (ambient light sources), as well as specific colourful elements that are strong, which may reside in the background or take away from your story.

Monochromatic imagery forces you to focus on form, shape, and texture while composing. If your emphasis is on making colours work together, these elements are sometimes overlooked. With black and white, distracting colours are now translated into shades of grey that add to your image.

Item Code - VIS12E57A16REA

Width: 5 3/8"  Height: 7 1/2"  Depth: 1/8"  Weight: 35 g

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