Black & White Family Portrait By A.B Duncan, In Springfield, Missouri,

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Black and White Family Portrait, By Andrew Bennett Duncan, The Duncan Studio In Springfield, Missouri, Active From 1891 To The 20th Century.

Founded By Andrew Bennett, Duncan, after learning photography he operated a railroad photo gallery for the Frisco railroad before settling in Springfield and becoming one of southwest Missouri's predominant photographers

Around the turn of the last century, Springfield had several photographers of note. Andrew Bennett Duncan or A.B. as he was known as one such photographer.

Born in Canada in 1850 he made his way to St Louis Missouri, where he resided as a photographer. He was hired by St Louis & San Francisco Railroad ~ aka Frisco to start photographing their line for advertising purposes. He becomes their official photographer. By the turn of the century as the growth of Frisco was happening in Springfield, he relocates there.

He was hired to photograph Frisco's crack train that ran between St. Louis and Oklahoma City, which he did in November of 1906 calling it "The Flight of the Meteor"

He also set up shop at 310 -12 St Louis Louis street and later South Street doing local Springfieldians photos. He did extensive photographs of the building of the Frisco West Shops 1907-1909 erecting special poles around the facilities for him to climb high to get the right angle, pretty good for a man pushing 60.

Saturday, August 30th 1924 he would pass away at the age of 74 at his home at 422 East Cherry Street.

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