Black & White Portrait Of a Young Boy By Arthur L. Bundy, Early 1900s.

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Black and White Portrait Of a Young Boy, Photographed By Arthur L. Bundy 1876-1962, 722 Main St, Richmond, Indiana, Early 1900s.


Arthur L. Bundy Son Of John Elwood Bundy Who Was Head Of The Art Department at Earlham College Where He Taught Drawing and Painting. During That Time, a Book Of His Etchings, "Fond Recollections" Was Published and Reflected His Love Of The Scenery around Earlham. He Exhibited Widely across The United States Including The 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition, The Pennsylvania Academy In 1904, The National Academy Of Design In 1911 and 1916, The Chicago Art Institute In 1903 and 1907-1914, The Hoosier Salon In 1925, and The 1902 Society Of Western Artists. His Primary Dealer Was J.W. Young Of Chicago. In 1929, Bundy, Who Was Getting Quite Frail, Moved To Harlingen, Texas With His Son, But Died In a Sanatorium In Cincinnati On January 17, 1933.


An Added Tidbit

We owe to John Herschell the discovery in 1839, of the way to fix images by dipping them in a sodium hyposulfite bath, which is still used today as the main component of photographic fix-baths. The main advantages of the calotype were the easiness with which one could manipulate the paper prints and the possibility of multi-printing. On the other hand, the sharpness, limited by the fibres in the negative paper, could not compete with the daguerreotype.

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Width: 4 3/4"  Height: 6 3/4"  Depth: 1/8"  Weight: 34 g

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