Brass Moulding Of a Hawaiian Hula Dancer Large Head Dress Grass Skirt.

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Brass Moulding Of a Hawaiian Hula Dancer, Large Head Dress and a Long Grass Skirt. 


                                   picture of a hawaiian hula dancer


Hula dancing has been part of Hawaiian culture since ancient times. However, even Hawaiians themselves are not exactly sure about the history of hula. There are many regions, especially in the Hawaiian Islands, that claim to have been the birthplace of hula. One thing is abundantly clear, all Hawaiians believe the hula was a gift from the gods to humans.

While its specific origin may still be foggy in nature, it has been recorded that James Cook, the first European to visit Hawaii, saw women dancing the hula in 1778 in Kauai. At this time there was still some speculation that only men were allowed to dance the hula. Cook noted that women were dancing the hula as well, and it would stand to reason that a culture like Hawaii would not allow women to do the dance if they did not believe female goddesses gave them the dance in the first place.

Regardless, the hula dance has been around for thousands of years in varying forms. This is not to say that it has always been easy for this traditional dance to stand the test of time. It almost disappeared in the 1800s when missionaries came to the islands of Hawaii. These missionaries believed this dance was immoral and went against godliness. They tried their best to convince dancers of their wrongdoing. The reigning monarch of the time, King Kalakaua, did not want the traditional dance to disappear. He felt that because the missionaries did not understand the spiritual meaning behind the hula, they could not make an informed decision. He refused an act banning hula dancing altogether.

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Width: 3 3/8"  Height: 8"  Depth: 1 5/8"  Weight: 884 g

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