Bronze Bell, Relief Of an Angel, Animals, & Geometric Shapes & Text.

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Bronze Ornate Bell, Detailed Relief Of an Angel With Spread Wings, Chinese Influence Of Animals, and Geometric Shapes, Text That Reads In Latin, Qui-Me-Tangit-Vocem-Meam-Audi, Translated Into English, Whoever Touches Me, Hears My Voice, Late 19th-Century. 


History of bells started with the advancement of metallurgy in ancient China in 2000 BC, first bells started to appear slowly managing to infuse themselves into Chinese culture, religion and the way of life. As the centuries went on, the creation of bells became an art, giving the artist a chance to infuse on them various images and themes that attracted the attention of Royalty and nobility in China. They changed the way how bells were used, creating from the item that symbolized wealth, power, and influence. However, this all changed when bells started spreading across Asia from rich India to the land of the rising sun Japan. This expansion provided several important changes in the way bells were used, smaller bells were openly used by people who wanted easy way of conveying information across large distances (notifying the end of a work shift for example), musicians of all sorts adopted small and precisely made bells as important instrument, and most importantly, religions such as Buddhism, Hindu, Shinto, and even Ancient Egypt.

Item Code - BRO8D352HAE

Width: 6 1/8"  Height: 19 3/4"  Depth: 7 1/8"  Weight: 1.828 kg

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