Brooch & Pendant, Sterling Silver Handcrafted Aztec Mayan Sun Calendar

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Brooch and Pendant, Sterling Silver, Handcrafted Aztec Mayan Sun Calendar. When You See an Eagle Stamp without any Numbers, The Piece was Made Between 1946-1955, Eagle Stamp with Numbers, Made From 1955-1979.

The Aztecs were widely known for their calendar, otherwise known as the ‘Sun Stone. The calendar was discovered in Mexico City and currently sits in the National Museum of Anthropology and History. Referred to as the Tonalpohualli, or day-count, it is sacred because its main purpose is that of a divinatory tool. The Aztecs (or Mexica, as they called themselves,) believed that the sun struggled daily against the forces of darkness. Not only does the Sun Stone shows us how time is divided among the gods but it is an awesome piece of work!

Item Code - JEW11C54492HWAZ9

Width: 1 2/4"  Height: 1 3/4"  Depth: 3/16"  Weight: 11 g

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