Canary Island Knife with Decorative Handle & Leather Sheath, Very Old.

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Canary Island Knife with Decorative Handle and Leather Sheath, Very Old.


Hand Forged exclusively and designed for ABRAGO by the Garcia blacksmith clan, preserving the tradition for more than 300 years.

The use of Knives as weapons and tools dates back to Prehistoric Times. The earliest Knives were made of Flint. The first Metal Knives were symmetrical double-edged daggers, made from Copper. The first single-edged knife was made in the Bronze Age 4000 years ago. These Knives would have been used for hunting, cooking, and Carpentry.

Item Code - KNI2E92BAG

Knife - Width: 9 7/8"  Height: 1 3/8"  Depth: 7/8"  

Sheath - Width: 7 1/4"  Height: 1 3/4"  Depth 7/8"  Total Weight: 130 g

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