Chinese Crumb Catcher, Handle, Brass Enamelled, Blue Red Green Yellow.

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Chinese Crumb Catcher with Handle, Brass, Enamelled, Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow, 1900-1940.


Enamelling on metal is a process taking place at high temperature (over 500°C), which by the melting of enamel on metal achieves not only the permanent binding of enamel but also the formation of a smooth surface with brilliant colours.
Enamelling is a unique and permanent effect at the disposal of the few artists who fall in love with this technique and, overcoming the many difficulties, manage to create wonderful masterpieces that will survive their authors. An enamelled object is as fascinating as a jewel. It attracts for its look, which is perceived as akin to crystal and natural stones. Its brightness has a large colour range. Enamel has noble origins, though being born of fire and earth. It was born to improve the monochromatic look of gold, of which enamel shares the durability.

Item Code - BRO6B3781HAB

Width: 4 1/2"  Height: 1"  Depth: 5 3/8"  Weight: 211 g

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