Cigarette Dispenser, Hammered Brass, Chinese Characters Reads Blessing

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Cigarette Dispenser, Box, Holder, Hammered Brass, Chinese, Chinese Characters Translates To The Word Blessing.  


A Cigarette Dispenser made of Hammered Brass with a Chinese design is an intriguing piece. 

  1. Vintage Brass Cigarette Dispensers:

    • These dispensers were popular during the mid-century modern era.
    • They often feature a spring-loaded mechanism for popping up cigarettes.
    • The brass construction gives them a timeless and elegant look.
  2. Design and Features:

    • The Chinese design usually includes motifs such as dragons, oriental patterns, or other cultural symbols.
    • Some may have carved insignia or longevity motifs.
    • The dispenser might hold a specific number of cigarettes, making it convenient for smokers.
    • Remember, these dispensers not only serve a practical purpose but also add a touch of vintage elegance to any space. Enjoy your unique find! 

Item Code - LIG7A468CIA

Width: 5 1/4''  Height: 3 3/4'' Depth: 4 1/2'' (Extented: 6 1/2'')  Weight: 775 g

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