Conqueror Records, Performances By Bert Block, and Sammy Kaye.

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Conqueror Records, Featuring On Side A - Song Title, "Alexander's Ragtime Band", a 1911 Foxtrot Composed By Irving Berlin, and Recorded Performance By Bert Block and His Bell Music. Side B - "Don't Let That Moon Get Away", From The 1938 Musical Comedy Film 'Sing You Sinners', with Music By James V. Monaco, Lyrics By Johnny Burke, and Recorded Performance By Swing and Sway with Sammy Kaye.


Isreal Isidore Beline Or Irving Berlin (1888 - 1989) Was a Russian Born American Composer and Lyricist Who Was and Is Still Internationally Known as One Of The Greatest Songwriters In History. Imagine, He Only Received 33 Cents For The Publishing Rights To His First Song "Marie From Sunny Italy", When It Was Published In 1907. The Song On This Track, "Alexander's Ragtime Band" Sparked a Dance Craze Worldwide Including His Native Land Russia. In addition, The Well-Known Collection 'The Great American Songbook', Has a Great Portion Of His Songs Compiled In It. He Wrote an Estimated 1,500 Songs, Including 19 Broadway Scores, 18 Hollywood Film Scores, and Garnered Oscar Nominations For His Songs 8 Times. Well, Respected Journalist Walter Cronkite Said at Irving's 100th Birthday Tribute That He "Helped Write The Story Of This Country, Capturing The Best Of Who We are and The Dreams That Shape Our Lives."



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Cover and Record - Width: 10"  Height: 10"  Speed: 78 rpm  Weight: 188 g

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