Decorative Box, Zebra Skin, From The Zimmerman Taxidermists In Nairobi

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Decorative Box, Zebra Skin, Very Rare, From The Famous Zimmerman Ltd Taxidermists In Nairobi. This Item was Made Before The 70s when Hunting was Still allowed In Kenya. Made For Visiting Tourists. The Zimmerman Company was The Best Taxidermists Company In The World. Making Taxidermy Animals For Every Major Museum, Head Of State In The World. Here Is Your Chance To Own a Piece Of History.


Zimmerman had arrived in Kenya in 1929 to help build a taxidermy branch for Chas A. Heyer  & Co., whose owner was a German hunter who was involved in the import of Mauser sporting rifles to British East Africa. Most of these were branded Chas A. Heyer. He also ran a small shop on the grounds of the modern-day Mayfair Hotel. It was after the death of Heyer on October 1, 1931, that Zimmermann took over the company and built his factory on the northern plains of Nairobi, which built the second-largest taxidermy factory in the world. Kenya, then, was a big exporter of trophies and animals mounted for display by the rich and museums all over the world. Most of these Zimmermann products can still be seen in various sports clubs and age-old Kenyan hotels and elsewhere in museums and art galleries.

Item Code: JEW6C27706G95

Width: 6 1/2"  Height: 2 3/4"  Depth: 4 3/8"  Weight: 318 g

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