Doll Primitive, Hand Made With Cloth, Clay, Hair, And A Booklet.

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Doll Primitive, Hand Made With Cloth Upper Body, Clay Head, Real Hair, Lower Body A Rolled-Up Booklet For Holding.


Just as the dolls of the Egyptians, Grecian, and Hopi civilizations represented their culture, today countries still have dolls that represent their heritage and culture. For example, the Russian Matryoshka dolls, which are made of wood, represent the country. In China, the dolls are known as “medicine ladies” were used by women to indicate where they needed medical attention. Barbie was created long after ancient dolls from primitive civilizations. However, without these dolls, there might not have ever been a Barbie doll. Dolls were primarily used for religion and rituals, however, they were passed down to children and became one of the most popular toys that ever existed. Dolls are still going strong today throughout many cultures and still capture children’s attention in today’s time.

Item Code - FOL3D10402LGA

Width: 3 3/4"  Height: 10 1/4"  Depth: 2 3/4"  Weight: 208 g

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