Don Cesar Sculpture In Bronze.

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Don Cesar Sculpture In Bronze.


Don César is a poor Spanish grandee who fights a duel to save Lazarille from a cruel captain. Since a royal edict forbids duelling during Holy Week, Don César is arrested and condemned to death by hanging. In his prison cell, he is visited by Don José de Santarém (a minister of King Charles II) who loves the queen, who in turn refuses his love unless the king is proved to have been unfaithful to her. Charles II is enamoured of Maritana, a street singer, whom he cannot approach because of her low station. Don José, therefore, plots to have Maritana marry the condemned man before his execution thus making her Countess de Bazan. Without explaining his plan, he promises Maritana riches and status and his friend Don César commutation to death by firing squad and protection for the boy Lazarille. The marriage takes place and then the execution. The widow is escorted to the San Fernando palace to learn courtly manners, being assured that her husband will return from exile soon. But the king comes to visit her, claiming to be Don César - Maritana says she cannot love him. Before Charles II can force his attention on her, Don César comes in, and it emerges that Lazarille had removed the shot from the muskets. Don César is appointed the governor of Granada by the king and leaves with his beautiful wife.

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Width: 9"  Height: 20 1/2"  Depth: 7 1/4"  Weight: 5.897 kg

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