Duke Of Windsor, Black and White Photograph, Taken On Aug 13/1964.

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Duke Of Windsor, Black and White Photograph, Taken On Aug 13/1964.

The 70-Year-Old Duke Of Windsor, Relaxing and Smoking His Pipe at His Home While Waiting For a Scene To Begin Filming For The Movie A KING'S STORY. The Film will Be a Two-Hour Re-Creation Of The Former Edward VIII Of England's Life.

“A King’s Story” is a 1965 British documentary film directed by Harry Booth. It provides an insightful glimpse into the life of King Edward VIII, from his birth until his abdication in 1936. The film delves into various aspects of his life:

  1. Victorian England: It explores the context of Edward’s upbringing and early life in the Victorian era.
  2. Royal Navy: The documentary sheds light on his experiences in the Royal Navy.
  3. Travels as Prince of Wales: It covers his travels and engagements during his time as the Prince of Wales.
  4. Abdication Crisis of 1936: The film takes an in-depth look at the events leading up to his abdication from the throne.

The documentary includes interviews with His Royal Highness The Duke of Windsor (formerly King Edward VIII) and The Duchess of Windsor. Additionally, it features archival footage of the former King, spanning from his childhood to his brief reign.

Orson Welles lends his voice as the narrator, adding depth to the storytelling.

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