Florentine Jewellery Box, Hand Painted, Palace, Wall, Rider & Horse.

  • $44.99 CAD

Florentine Jewellery Box, Wood, Hand Painted, Blue and Gold Accents, Pictured Theme, Palace In The Background, Surrounded By a Protective Wall, Rider and Horse Riding In The Foreground, Made In Florence, Italy.


The city-state of Florence in the thirteenth and early fourteenth centuries was a city on the rise. All Italian cities experienced urbanization at this time and Florence’s population doubled. But more than almost any other town, Florence saw an explosion in international trade and innovations in finance. A new class of bankers and merchants replaced the old noble families as the center of power, developing a complex, barely democratic social structure that hung in a careful balance.

Item Code: JEW6C27704G95

Width: 6"  Height: 2"  Depth: 4 1/8"  Weight: 116 g

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