Frost Folding Pocket Knife, Locked Blade, Stainless Steel, Pocket Clip

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Frost Cutlery Folding Pocket Knife, Locked Blade, Stainless Steel, Pocket Clip.


Beginning in 1987 with just a handshake agreement between Jim Frost and "The Intimidator", Frost Cutlery began making commemorative knives and sets to mark career highlights for Dale Earnhardt. This association evolved into probably the most successful of the commemorative knife lines Frost Cutlery has ever had including Dale Earnhardt, Jr products, as well as others in the DEI team. Over the years, Jim Frost also struck a friendship with #3 car owner, Richard Childress. The two found that they had many things in common, including a strong business sense, and a passion for fishing.

Frost Cutlery has continued in the tradition of making great partnerships by teaming up with the fishing legend, Bill Dance of Bill Dance Outdoors. Together, they have created a special line of cutlery specifically designed for the outdoor sportsman, and particularly the sports fisherman. Each product has been carefully chosen and manufactured with these customers in mind and is all licensed and endorsed by Bill Dance Outdoors. We believe that with their combined knowledge of knives and fishing, Jim Frost and Bill Dance will have a lasting venture that will benefit all.

Item Code - KNI8B2338PVC

Length:  [Blade Closed]  5"  [Blade Opened]  8 1/4"  Width: 1 3/4"  Depth: 3/4"

Weight: 142 g

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