LE Smith Amethyst Glass Double Handled Cup W/Dancing Women Decor on the Outside

  • $34.99 CAD

Vintage, LE Smith Amethyst Glass Double Handled Cup with Dancing Women Decor on the Outside, and Rippled Cup Rim Design, these were made in two sizes 6" and 8," Nice period Art Deco from the 30's.

For over 100 years the LE Smith Glass Company has created amazing handmade, pressed glass. A testament to LE Smith Glass' patterns and products is the longevity. Where many other glass companies died during or after the depression the LE Smith Company continued to thrive.

LE Smith Glass not only made the first headlight lens for the Model T, but they also created incredible bowls and other pieces all of which reflected the times and people's tastes. From tableware to gifts and beyond, this firm seemed to have a sense for the pulse of America.

LE Smith integrated colours into their glassware around 1925. The predominant colours were cobalt, yellow, amethyst, and green. However, the one thing that really separated Smith Glass from other companies was making black glass. While it looks purple against a back-light, when set down it's black. This particular type of glass is highly collectible.

Item Code - GLA5D5322HAE

Width: 6"  Height: 4"  Depth: 4 1/2"

Weight: 593 g

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