Gli Azzurri, 1990 Team Italia Picture, Plaque Board.

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Gli Azzurri, 1990 Team Italia Picture, Plaque Board.


Italy’s national football team is known colloquially by its nickname Gli Azzurri which means The Blues. This is because Savoy blue is the common color of all the national teams representing Italy.

Memories of classic Azzurri encounters and the emotions of the 1990 World Cup semi-final.

The Brazil of 1982 is often touted as one of the best teams ever to win the World Cup. Well in Azeglio Vicini’s Azzurri of 1990, Italy has its own candidate for such an honor.

Hosted in the peninsula, La Nazionale had a great chance of recapturing the trophy for a record fourth time and they undoubtedly had the squad to do it.

They had created the basis of a team during an impressive 1988 European Championships and those young players had now matured, two years on, ready to take on the best the world had to offer.

To the dismay and despair of the majority of the Tifosi, the team fell at the penultimate hurdle, as the semi-final defeat to Argentina was the peak Vicini’s men had almost scaled only to fall just as the summit was within their grasp. However, this tournament gave birth to one of the world’s finest-ever players and a set of bulging eyes that will forever live long in the memory of every World Cup fan.

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