Hand Blown Studio Art Glass Vase, Horn Shaped Translucent Light Green.

  • $164.99 CAD

Hand Blown Studio Art Glass Vase, Horn Shaped, Translucent Frosted Light Green.


Etched Glass, sometimes called ‘Frosted‘ Glass, can be a much-generalized term referring to the surface of The Glass Being ‘Etched’ Away.

Acid-Etched Glass 

This involves applying an acid, like hydrofluoric acid, to the surface of the glass. This creates a matte finish and can give the glass a translucent quality.

Sandblasted Glass 

Sandblasting glass involves blasting with air a gritty material against the surface of the glass. Aluminium oxide or silica carbide can be typical grit mediums often used in Sandblasting the glass. This can create the same effect as acid etching. Most Glass Artisans use this method because they have better control. And it is much safer than acid etching.

    Item Code - GLA5E617HAE

    Width: 15"  Height: 10 1/4"  Depth: 15"  Weight: 2.721 kg

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