Hard Cover Book Entitled "American Indian Fairy Tales" By W.T. Larned.

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Hard Cover Entitled, "American Indian Fairy Tales", By W.T. Larned, Illustrated By, John Rae, Copyrighted in 1921 By P.F. Volland Company.


All the tales in this book are adapted from the legends collected By Henry R. Schoolcraft, ethnologist and government agent for the Lake Superior country, and published in 1839 with the title, "Algic Researchers."

The Algic languages are an indigenous language family of North America. Most Algic languages belong to the Algonquian family, dispersed over a broad area from the Rocky Mountains to Atlantic Canada. The other Algic languages are the Yurok and Wiyot of northwestern California, which despite their geographic proximity are not closely related. All these languages descend from Proto-Algic a second-order proto-language reconstructed using reconstructed Proto-Algonquian and the attested languages Wiyot and Yurok.

The Stories were "Retold" By W T Larned in The Language and Style of The 1920s.

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