Hard Cover Book Entitled "Indians of Yesterday," By Marion E. Gridley.

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Hard Cover Native American Book Entitled "Indians of Yesterday," By Marion E. Gridley and Copyrighted in 1940 By Marion E. Gridley.


Sponsored by the Indian Council Fire. Author Marion E. Gridley (1906 - 1974) was “a recognized authority on the Indian legend, culture and customs” who, “tells in a most fascinating manner, interesting facts about ‘the people’ who were the ancestors of our Indians of today. The influence of the plains, mountains, forests and deserts on the manner of living and the customs and ceremonies, combined with their inventive genius and its corresponding contribution to our present civilization is most capably explained.” Illustrator Lone Wolf (1879 - 1970), a noted Blackfoot artist who trained at the Los Angeles Art School and Chicago Art Institute, became the foremost Native American painter of Native Americans and the Old West.

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Width: 10"  Height: 12 3/8"  Depth: 5/8"  Weight: 757 g

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