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Heteromorph Ammonite Fossil Specimen, (113-117 Million Years Old).

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Heteromorph Ammonite Fossil Specimen, (113-117 Million Years Old), Well Preserved. 


Previous to the Cretaceous, ammonites typically were compact, coiled, outward spiraling discs with each spiral built upon and touching the previous spiral (known as planispiral coils). During the Cretaceous, these regularly coiled ammonites declined as the suborder of ammonite known as Ancyloceratina exploded onto the scene with a vast array of new--and often peculiar--uncoiled shell designs. These uncoiled ammonites, which are characteristic of the Cretaceous, are called heteromorph ammonites. Heteromorph ammonites are plentiful in the fossil beds on Vancouver Island, but you rarely see complete specimens. Instead, you find small fragments an inch or two in length.

Item Code - FOS11D103WAR

Width: 8 1/4"  Height: 2 3/4"  Depth: 4 3/4"  Weight: 1.246 kg

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