Imperial Schrade Folding Pocket Knife, Leg Shaped, Brown Marbled Design

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Imperial Schrade Double Bladed Folding Pocket Knife, Leg Shaped, Dark Brown Marbled Design.


A Brief History

Schrade Knives began in 1904 as the Schrade Cutlery Company, founded in Walden, New York. Schrade Cutlery Company produced cutlery of a quality that was unheard of at the time, and the company grew and ultimately expanded its operations. Another knife-making company, the Imperial Knife Company, was founded in Providence, Rhode Island in 1916. The Imperial Knife Company manufactured a full range of value-priced folding pocket knives.

In 1941, Albert M. Baer purchased the Ulster Knife Company, merging it with the Imperial Knife Company to form the Imperial Knife Associated Companies. Later, in 1946, Schrade Cutlery was sold to Imperial Knife Associated Companies, and the conglomerate was renamed to Schrade-Walden Cutlery Co., Inc. In 1983, Albert M. Baer made the company private to avoid a hostile takeover and renamed the company Imperial Schrade Company in 1985. Today, the intellectual property (including all patents and knife-making concepts) of Imperial Schrade Corporation is owned by Taylor Brands LLC.  In a further plot twist, Taylor Brands LLC was purchased by firearms maker Smith & Wesson in July 2016.

Item Code - KNI8B2227CMA

Length: 5 3/8"  [Blade Opened]  3 1/4"  [Blade Closed]  Width: 1"  Depth: 5/8"

Weight: 51 g

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