Jewelry Box, Wood, Hand Made, Painted Flowers, Middle Eastern Style.

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Jewelry Box, Trinket Box, Keepsake Box, Decorative Box, Wood, Hand Made, Hand Painted Stylized Flowers, Middle Eastern Style.


Handmade and hand-painted wood jewelry boxes from the Middle East are exquisite pieces of craftsmanship. These boxes are typically made from wood, often walnut or oak. Artisans skillfully hand-carve, inlay, and paint intricate designs on the surface. Middle Eastern jewelry boxes showcase a blend of geometric patterns, floral motifs, and Islamic calligraphy. Persian, Moorish, and Arabian influences are prevalent. These boxes serve as storage for jewelry, trinkets, or keepsakes.

Remember, each box tells a story, reflecting the rich cultural heritage and artistic traditions of the Middle East. If you’re looking to acquire one, explore the intricate details and craftsmanship they are truly treasures!

Item Code: JEW6C27703G95

Width: 6"  Height: 2 1/2"  Depth: 6"  Weight: 220 g

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