Lacquerware Plate, Intricately Hand Carved, Couple Paddling In a Boat.

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Lacquerware Plate, Intricately Hand Carved, Couple Paddling In a Boat Enjoying The Beautiful Scenery, Japanese. 


Japanese lacquerware is made from the sap of the lacquer or urushi tree, native to Japan. The sap is a close relation to poison ivy and is poisonous to the touch until it dries. In the most basic terms, the urushi sap is a naturally made plastic and is a highly resistant and durable material. Once it has been collected, it is then gently heated to remove any of the toxicity and excess moisture. The resin from the sap then hardens and takes on the same characteristics of plastic after it is exposed to moisture and air.

As the production process uses potentially harmful chemicals and materials, a skilled craftsman with incredibly steady hands and many years of experience are given the responsibility of handling the lacquer in its purest form.

Employing specialist techniques and a five-step process of priming the wood, applying the lacquer, polishing, decorating and finishing the product, producing Japanese lacquerware takes great care and attention. 

Item Code - CER9C490PVC

Width: 9 1/2"  Height: 1 3/16"  Depth: 9 1/2"  Weight: 626 g

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