Lefton Porcelain Doberman, Black Brown & White Markings Made In Korea.

  • $34.99 CAD

Lefton Porcelain Doberman, Black, Brown and White Markings, Labels Read, Lefton Trade Mark Exclusives Korea, KCR07700B.


The Doberman Pinscher or Dobermann, or Doberman, is a medium-large domestic dog, a breed originally developed around 1890 by a German Tax Collector named Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann. They stand on their toes (not their pads), and their stride is well balanced and graceful. They have an extremely strong bite as well, due to their extended jaw and are traditionally trained to be guard dogs. To enhance this persona, their ears have often been cropped and posted, while their tails' are docked. However, this controversial practise has been made illegal in some countries, and heavily debated in others. Doberman Pinschers are well known to be intelligent, alert, tenaciously loyal, and eager to please. But they are driven, strong and stubborn as well, and requires a solid commitment from their owners. Although personalities may vary, they can be very loving and devoted family pets with proper training and care.

Item Code - CER4C15131FAS

Width: 2 7/8"  Height: 5 3/4"  Depth: 7 1/4"  Weight: 146 g

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