Manillas Money, Bronze Or Copper, Slave Currency, Made In West Africa.

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Manillas were a Form Of Money, a medium Used For The Exchange Of Slaves. Originating Before The Colonial Period. A Slave Could Be Bought For 8 To 10 Manillas, Made Of Bronze Or Copper. Used In West Africa, They were Produced In Large Numbers In a Wide Range Of Designs, Sizes, and Weights. Internally, Manillas were The First True General-Purpose Currency Known In West Africa, Being Used For Ordinary Market Purchases, Bride Prices, Payment Of Fines, Compensation Of Diviners, and For The Needs Of The Next World, as Burial Money.

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Width: 2 3/8"  Height: 2 1/4"  Depth: 3/4"  Weight: 82 g

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