Mechanical Bottle Stoppers, A Pair, Male and Female, Hand Made.

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Mechanical Bottle Stoppers, A Pair, Male and Female, Hand Carved and Painted.


Most people, even if they do not collect antiques or have any interest in folk art, have heard of "ships in bottles," have marvelled at the ingenuity of the carver and wondered at the process of building the ship through the narrow neck of a bottle. Few people, however, realize that there are other forms of folk art in bottles, forms which are widely repeated and which have many common features.

Other subjects carved and fitted into bottles include bar scenes, chairs, framed photographs and tintypes, birds, fans, tools, yarn winders and niddy-noddies, wishing wells. Often called "whimsy bottles" because they were made for no apparent purpose other than for the fun and challenge, they clearly have their roots in German and Slavic folk art tradition. This tradition is known to go back at least into the early eighteenth century. 

They were made by the same kinds of people who whittled to pass the time, sailors, prisoners, model-builders, and people who enjoy working with their hands.

Item Code - FOL2D260HMAC

Female - Width: 1 1/4"  Height: 4 3/8"  Depth: 2 1/4"  Weight: 22 g

Male - Width: 1 1/2"  Height: 4 5/8"  Depth: 2 1/8"  Weight: 22 g

Total Weight: 44 g 

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