Mexican 1 Centavos Bronze 1906 'M'.

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Mexican 1 Centavos Bronze 1906 'M'.


The United States (Estados Unidos) of Mexico issued bronze 1, 2, and 5 centavos coins with this pattern between 1905 and 1949. Some 5 centavos coins from this time period look different than our picture.

Mexico's Coat of Arms. The Eagle represents the good people of Mexico. The Snake represents the evil enemies of the people. The Eagle devouring the snake means the good will prevail over the evil. The cactus represents trouble and challenges. The Eagle standing over the cactus means the people will overcome the challenges. Earth and water represent the cultural origins and the racial mixing of the Europeans and Native Americans. The Laurel and Oakleaf represent victory and honours those who gave their lives for Mexico.

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Width: 3/4"  Height: 3/4"  Weight: 4 g

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