Morocco 1 Franc 1921, Made of Nickel.

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Morocco 1 Franc 1921, Made of Nickel.


EMPIRE CHERIFIEN - Translation - Moroccan Empire.

Empire Cherifien is an old term used for the French Protectorate of Morocco. Morocco became independent of prior French and Spanish influence in 1956. Until then, coinage was difficult for Westerners to discern because of its Arabic inscriptions and dating system.

Coins with an encircled 5 pointed star on one side were minted in 25 and 50 centimes, and 1 franc, denominations from 1921 to 1924. They are made of nickel, except the 25 centimes coin with a round hole at its centre is made of copper-nickel.

NOTE - The issue year can be determined by whether there is the "lightning bolt" privy mark of Poissy Mint at the bottom of the inner field, under the Arabic denomination. Coins without the privy mark are from 1921, coins with the privy mark from 1924.

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Width: 1"  Height: 1"  Weight: 9 g

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