Nazi German Driver's Badge Award, Bronze, Chariot Two Horses, & Driver

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Nazi German Drivers Badge Award, Bronze, Round Vertical Pin-Back Badge Features The Cut-Out Silhouette Of a Chariot & Two Trotting Horses Next To One another, a Man Driving The Horses, Surrounded By an Oak Leaf Border, Encircled “R” On The Base, "R" Stands For Reiter In German, Translated In English Equestrian.


The badge was given for a combination of time in stable service (between 10 to 20 years employment at a single establishment), the training and breeding of top competitive stock, and overall excellence in the care of horses. The three graduated grades of bronze, silver and gold each testified to the recipient’s long term efforts to breed and care for the best-in-show and competition. With the long years of required service and other stringent prerequisites needed for the awards, very few were given to the men who helped foster the Nazi version of the “sport of kings.”

With the fall of the Third Reich in 1945, horsemanship and equestrian sports took a back seat to the more crucial aspects of rebuilding the German country into a democracy. By the early 1950s, the German people’s love for horses and horsemanship revitalized. Along with it, began a new generation of equestrian badges for the expert riding and the care of sporting horses.

The miniature German Driver’s Badge was issued with the full-sized award. The miniatures were often worn on civilian clothing.

Item Code - MIL1E100410ULAZ1C1 

Width: 1 5/8"  Height: 1 7/8"  Depth: 5/16"  Weight: 16 g

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