Black Onyx Round Faceted Heavy Bead Necklace.

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Black Onyx Round Faceted Heavy Bead Necklace with Silver Tone Rounders Embedded with White Rhinestones.

As with other pieces of jewellery, the necklace has been an important site of decoration for the body but also of communication for the person. As a valued material culture, necklaces communicate wealth, power, affiliation, prestige, levels of resources and skill, and elements of identity and position. The durability of jewellery like necklaces made of metal, glass beads, or gemstones provides an opportunity to appreciate and understand the technology, cultural practices, artistry, and aesthetics of other cultures and distant time periods.

Item Code - JEW11C80ACZ10

Width: 9 1/4"  Length: 18 5/8"

Weight: 121 grams.

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